We purchase cheaper and better for your company.

This reduces your costs and releases financial resources.

Active-Business Care Purchase

Active-Business Care assists your organization with qualitative purchase that shows significant results on your bottom line. We have more than 15 years of experience negotiating purchase agreements thus being your guarantee for obtaining the best price and the right quality, every time.

This is how we work for you:

  • We thoroughly review your present and most likely too expensive contracts and purchase agreements.
  • We form a complete plan to obtain actual savings for you.
  • We approach the selected suppliers in order to renegotiate / discuss your existing contracts.
  • If required, we contact new suppliers. Partly to test existing contracts but also in order to expose the supplier to the present market competition.

Our principle is ‘no cure, no pay’ and our fee is only a small part of the cost savings we generate. That way, the co-operation with Active-Business Care will always be profitable for you.


It can be a challenging to buy telephone services at a fair price.                                              The telecommunications market is a jungle, and you need to be prepared. Active-Business Care have done this many times before, and we come prepared on your behalf and can negotiate the relevant terms, a good quality and a fair price. We can do this better than you for two reasons. Firstly, we know the market extremely well and have a general view of the various subscriptions. Secondly, we posses an important difference: Experience, experience, experience.

Active-Business Care complete 40 – 50 contracts for cleaning every year, and we save millions for our customers. On average, all customers negotiate their contracts for cleaning every four years. As a result Active-Business Care has negotiated 160 contracts, and you have maybe negotiated one. We are on top of the cleaning market, and we are aware of the pitfalls as we read the contracts with more experienced eyes. It goes without saying that we ensure high quality, frequency and volume even though the price is reduced substantially. In other words you achieve the same cleaning quality and frequency as before at a reduced price.
The perfect lease may be there at the right price. However, to find it you need to stay on top of an extremely variable real estate market. The amount of free premises, prices and other conditions vary from month to month. Active-Business Care is updated and in a position to meet the (sometimes too) experienced real estate agents at a qualified level. A lot of laws and rules to observe when renting or buying premises for business purpose. However, we have seen it all and can assist you. We guarantee that nothing is left to chance.
Work clothing

Active-Business Care have years of experience buying quality work clothing for many different industries e.g. pharmacies, canteens, butchers and repair shops. We take care of everything and ensure a steady supply, negotiate for the highest product quality thus creating substantial savings for our customers with these opaque contracts. We also know how to obtain embroidery and print at the most favorable prices in the market without compromising the quality. We follow the latest fashion and trend for linen and uniforms, and produce excellent results of 40 – 50% savings for our customers.


A lot of our customers find the market for photocopiers and printers very difficult to deal with.

Many Danish companies experience heavy expenses connected to this kind of contract. When negotiating this specific type of contract, you are required to have full control of both technique, financial aspects and performance specifications in order to obtain the most profitable contract. Often, we reduce our customers expenses with up to 50% and optimize to a technological much better solution.


Buying office supplies is a discipline of its own. Firstly, the number of products in this category is extremely extensive – thousands of items on the market. Secondly, the range of products vary enormously as to quality, supply security and price. Over the years, Active-Business Care have developed a solid knowledge of this line of business and are thus well positioned to separate the wheat from the chaff. We have a thorough knowledge of the suppliers in Denmark and abroad, and we know which suppliers to avoid. We are so successful that we contribute with a 30 – 40 % cutback result for our customers.

The results speak for themselves. On average, Active-Business Care has reduced our costs for the concerned areas with up to 35 %. We are more than satisfied. Christian Drachmann

Head of Centre of Excellence Northern Europe, Triumph International