Purchase, supply and contract negotiation

We can make your business very profitable because we compare costs and processes.

We can purchase a lot cheaper and better for your company than you can. This is what we do. We are professional experts at purchase and possess the necessary knowledge and experience to ensure significant savings within almost all areas.

We are very enthusiastic about our principle: ‘no cure, no pay’. Every time we generate a cost reduction on your behalf, we acquire a percentage of the amount. In other words, if we don´t succeed, we are not entitled to a fee. It is very simple to work with Active-Business Care.

Your savings starts here


“Hjerteforeningen have worked with Active-Business Care for a number of years, because every penny counts in favor of our organization. The more we can spend on research, prevention and supporting patients, the better.”

Torben Koed
Vice adm. direktør / CFO at Hjerteforeningen


“Jens Højbjerg from Active-Business Care has been most dedicated. He is very professional and experienced within his area of expertise”

Maria Elena Klüver
Administrationschef i Advokatsamfundet

“We consider Active-Business Care synonymous with cost reductions and less trouble.”

Christian Drachman
Head of Centre of Exellence, Northern Europe at Triumph International

“The results are unmistakable. Active-Business Care has reduced our costs for the areas in question with 35 % on average. We are mosre than satisfied.”

Henrik Krabbe
COO og CFO, Brdr. A&O Johansen A/S

“Co-operating with Active-Business Care is very easy and most profitable.”

Allan Kristensen
Family director, Saint-Gobain

“I have never seen anyone negotiate contracts and purchase agreements more meticulously than Active-Business Care.”

Carsten Eberhard
Fhv. administrationschef, Hotel- og restaurantskolen

“We have outsourced our purchasing function to Active-Business Care. This has reduced costs substantially and released a lot of internal resources.”

Iben Pallensen
CFO PBJ A/S, udbyder af EPOS HR. og lønløsning

“A brilliant qualification to lean on and there is no doubt about the financial gain.”

Thomas Skousgaard
Head of purchasing, MAN Truck og Bus A/S

“Every penny saved is a penny more for animal welfare in Denmark. Thank you so much for all the advice and the savings.”

Britta Riis
CEO, Dyrenes Beskyttelse

“For eight years, Active-Business Care has been responsible for the negotiations of our large contracts: I never cease to be amazed.”

Asbjørn Dahlberg
Fabriks- og økonomidirektør Cederroth Paramedical

“Our employees listened to the advice from Active-Business Care and have implemented them in our everyday work.”

Jens Eslau
CEO Københavns Dyrehospital

“A new lease, a new canteen system and a new cleaning contract. Active-Business Care fully understood our needs and acted 100 % professionally.”

Ulrik Heilmann
CEO, Bolius Boligejernes Videncenter A/S

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Reduce costs and release ressources within the organization


“No cure, no pay” equals substantial cost reductions for you


Pungent negotiations and assessment of all kinds of purchase


Inspiring lectures about extremely efficient negotiation