All too often, companies just follow ordinary procedure negotiating contracts with all kinds of suppliers. This is most unfortunate, because you can always (ALWAYS!) save thousands and sometimes millions, if professional talents go to work. Active-Business Care has experienced collaborators ready to assist your business.

When the contract negotiations are carried out professionally, a lot of money can be saved and many favourable conditions may be obtained, no matter if you have co-operated with the supplier for many years or it’s a new relationship.

A routine contract negotiation is unacceptable because it may be a burden to the balance sheet instead of boosting it. As we see it, contract negotiations should be part of any Danish company and a strategy in general.

There can be a lot of reasons why you don´t embrace all contract negotiations with equal ardour. We are all busy and have unfinished business, but the truth is that if we complete the contract negotiations properly the first time, so we actually save ourselves a lot of trouble and release a substantial amount of resources. This provides us with even more time, and it saves even more money, if you leave the contract negotiations to an external negotiating partner like Active-Business Care, because this is what we do.

We review your existing contracts, or some of them, and advise which you should re-evaluate. Furthermore, we articulate a waterproof strategy that challenges your suppliers and help you finish the process. The starting point is always to save money and obtain more favourable conditions. Our consultancy is based on EXPERIENCE, EXPERIENCE, EXPERIENCE.
A request for renegotiation is almost always due to the fact that you are not satisfied as a customer. We evaluate and present a specific assessment of the potential for renegotiation. When we agree which contracts to work with, we start out. We report back to you continuously and only profit when you gain financially.
New contracts
Many companies find it hard to spend time and use internal resources to negotiate new supplier contracts at a professional level. Positive contract negotiations are very time-consuming and the best results come from actual negotiation skills and experience. Active-Business Care have it all. Active-Business Care is ready with the necessary knowhow. Our principle is ‘no cure, no pay’.