Active-Business Care offers two inspiring lectures. Partner and purchase advisor Jens Højberg has many years of experience within Danish business and trade and offers two lectures ‘Do it now!’ and ‘change the window yourself’:

Jens Højberg is the founder and owner of Active-Business Care. He is a lively and inspiring lecturer.

With 20 years of experience as purchasing manager Jens challenges both organizations and employees with new ideas presented in his lectures.

Every week Jens and his colleagues in Active-Business Care produce remarkable cost savings for Danish companies when they purchase with purpose and professional skill. These results are the basis for Jens Højbergs lectures which inspire you to reconsider your role as purchaser.

Do it now!

Experience Jens Højbergs exciting lecture ‘Do it now!’

Too many employees think they can do everything and all at once. This is what we call ‘I can do everything’. The result is inferior work, loose ends and consequently important tasks may remain unsolved.

The lecture ‘Do it now!’ brings us face to face with all our bad habits and shows the way to a more effective and rational planning in an entertaining way.

Simple solutions are just around the corner. Jens Højberg presents amusing examples and vivid stories from our everyday life.

“Many have heard of people being dismissed for not succeeding. No one has ever been dismissed because they requested assistance when optimizing processes in order to succeed” – says Jens Højberg. During his lecture he shares a lot of his 20 years of experience as purchase manager and advisor.

The lecture can be tailor-made using these topics:

  • How do you find more time to solve the tasks properly every time?
  • How do you release resources for the tasks that you never solve sufficiently?
  • Why wait and remain confident that you can do everything tomorrow?
  • What do you do when you are up to your elbows in work?
  • Can you acquire external assistance without increasing costs?

Duration: 1 – 2 hours, composed according to your present needs.

Change the window yourself

Experience Jens Højbergs eye opening lecure ‘change the window yourself’.

Every Danish business will call the glazier if a window has been broken during the weekend.

Why not change the window yourself?

The point with ‘change the window yourself’ is that it requires a lot more resources to make a contract with a glazier or another supplier than to change the broken window.

This may be a trivial example however; the resources spent finding suppliers and negotiate contracts which are often unproductive because you don’t have the expertise ‘in-house’.

“I present simple solutions to save many hours and thousands if you just give this some consideration. The lecture is a crash course on changing a broken window with the primary aim to make the audience understand the value of making a successful negotiation of a complicated contract” – says Jens Højberg who has 20 years of experience.

The lecture can be tailor-made using these topics:

  • How do you identify the need for purchase?
  • How do you assess if the purchase can be handled internally?
  • What makes a negotiation successful?
  • Simple principles to decisive success?
  • When should you consult an expert in purchase?

Duration: 1 – 2 hours, composed according to your present needs.